Creating a show: Hunger at Arcola 2019

  • Rehearsal Diary: Week Four

    1st Dec 2019 by

    It has been a whirlwind fourth week of rehearsals for Hunger! First off, the ‘Get In’. A ‘Get In’ is where we officially move into the stage space, placing our set and rigging the lights. On Sunday and Monday, the lovely Arcola team, our fabulous designer Anna and our lighting designer Raj worked tirelessly to… Read more

  • Interview With Our Director, Fay Lomas

    30th Nov 2019 by

    What is your role as a director within a production? As a director, you work with the actors and the rest of the creative team to bring the production to life. This means working intensely with the actors in rehearsals; it also means that you collaborate with the designer on the set and costumes, prior… Read more

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